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Anti flat head baby pillow

Anti flat head baby pillowEvery parent wants to take care of his or her newborn's health as much as possible. Every day we care that our newborn has everything it needs. Parents want to dress their infant appropriately so there is not even the smallest infection. However, it is important to remember that the newborn baby is very delicate and even the sleeping position of the newborn can have a negative impact on its development. One of such danger is baby flat head syndrome.

The most important thing is the beginning

The first 3 months of a baby's life is when our baby's head is most susceptible to distortion and deformation. This is because the soft skull bones are just forming. According to the recommendations for minimizing S.I.D.S (sudden infant death syndrome), children are put to sleep on their backs, which causes the pressure on the skull bones to be huge. Generally, this is children favorite position, however it can results in positional plagiocephaly.

Factors causing plagiocephaly

Flat head syndrome consists of a number of factors that cause external pressure on the baby's head.
Sleeping in the back position is just one of them. This is a recommended position to prevent sudden infant death syndrome (S.I.D.S). The number of head flats has increased since the introduction of such recommendations. Sleeping in the back position results in a very high pressure on the still soft baby's skull bones. Plagiocephaly can also occur during childbirth. The head is squeezed through the genital canal under extreme pressure and the moving skull bones may result in the elongation or compression of the head after birth. Another possible cause of distortion is the torticollis. It usually occurs as a result of passing the baby through the birth route or as a result of an abnormal placement of the baby in the womb. Damaged baby's neck muscles cause the baby on his back or tummy to tip his head to the side to shorten. He gets used to one head position, which can lead to plagiocephaly. One of the most common causes of infant skull distortion is the placement of babies in chairs and flippers, which causes a great deal of pressure on the skull bones. That's why baby flat head syndrome pillow was discovered and produced!

Do not be distorted - get anti plagiocephaly pillow!

The problem of distortion of the baby's skull is a very serious matter, so all parents are looking for a way to protect their baby.
One of such way is to purchase a suitable baby moon pillow that reduces the pressure of the baby's head on the ground. This pillow effectively prevents and supports the treatment of flat head of the baby. In addition, it is often 100% breathable and safe for infants and children (Pillow is 94% air). Thanks to it, you can get 400% less head pressure on the ground. Mimos Pillow is a Class 1 medical product that is CE, TUV and EN71 certified. This pillow is made of certified OEKO-TEX fabric (baby and baby safe). The great advantage of the pillow is that it allows you to easily move the head and neck of the baby, which reduces muscle asymmetry. There is no need to change the position of the baby during sleep as the mimos infant pillow works automatically. It is soft and comfortable for the baby. The pillow is small and you can take it with you even on your trip. It is free of allergens. The pillow can easily be cleaned in the washing machine and is quick drying.

Without a doubt each parent wants to provide their newborn everything it needs. It is important to know that there are different dangers which can hurt the newborn. One of them is baby flat head syndrome. To prevent it, each parent should know about anti-flat-head pillows.
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