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Foot drop syndrome - causes and treatment.

Foot drop syndrome - causes and treatment.Drop foot syndrome is a type of disability in which person cannot use correctly foot muscles. Foot of such person can't be lifted or lowered with full control in process. It makes normal walk impossible as foot will drop on the ground while making steps. It's not hard to imagine that person with this syndrome will often trip over even on flat terrain.

What is drop foot syndrome?

In more detail we can add that foot drop can be partial or full. Its not typical sickness. Its often connected to other syndromes. Often foot drop is connected to neurological health problems. Person who suffers from it can compensate this sickness with unnatural movement pattern. It can allow such person to at least move in chosen direction. Often patients try to lift their knee to high in process. Its normal in such circumstances as lifting knee to low makes tripping more likely. Some patients try to compensate foot drop with lifting their knees during walk to the sides. In long term all those methods can lead to knee deformation, back pain, and further health problems. It's a serious disorder that can take away almost all comfort in many life situations. It is highly advised to treat it from the beginning as modern medicine can help patients more with every year.

Foot drop causes - can we avoid them?

There are many possible causes of drop foot syndrome. One of them is nervous paralysis. It can be started by accident, and even by virus! In such cases its possible to lose control even over whole foot. It makes walking almost impossible without help of some kind. Drop foot is possible even without physical trauma. People who work on bent knees suffer this disability often. Our nervous system is delicate one. If we pressure against single nerve, it can become damaged. That's why people who work on farms gathering different vegetables in crouch position (for many hours a day) are exposed to this syndrome. For some people avoiding pressure to nerves for longer time will be enough to solve the problem. But there are situations in which nerves are seriously damaged and more complex treatment is needed.

Other foot drop causes are often linked to brain or spine damage. Also, children suffer from this disorder (unborn children can suffer trauma of nervous system). But we shouldn't feel hopeless there are ways to improve our health and comfort.

How to cure drop foot?

Foot drop treatment is done on many levels. Treatment should be applied by experienced doctor. He can advise us to start specialized foot drop exercises. Most easy foot drop exercises are: ball lift with both feet, and marble pickup. Other training may include ankle dorsiflexion and plantar flexion. Doctor also can choice for us proper medicines and support supplements that will allow our body to heal faster. He can advise us to finish special rehabilitation or order corrective surgery. But above all he will help us determine what is real cause of problem with our health is. Other types of therapy include laser, healing SPA and use of corrective equipment. On the market we can choice special foot drop boots, foot drop splints, and drop foot braces. Using them on daily basis allows many suffering patients to at least walk with more comfort and less pain. If we suffer from drop foot syndrome, we should never panic. With patience, proper treatment and support equipment there is possibility that we can recover. It's useful to read successful histories of other people with similar health problems. We should never give up.
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