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How runners can protect their knees efficiently?

How runners can protect their knees efficiently?Running is one of the most popular physical activities in the world. Its intuitive, requires only minimum of equipment and can be practiced by healthy people without any age restriction. Some reports say that nearly half of running community suffers from injuries that occur at least once a year. There are many factors and methods that can help improve safety of our knees. One of those methods is using different sleeves and braces for knees. Unfortunately runner's knee pain is quite popular injury. Let's look into all different advantages of using runner's knee brace and compression knee sleeve.

Best knee brace for running - our preparation is everything

Let's start with a reminder that even compression knee sleeve or runner's knee brace will not protect us from any injury if we are not prepared well for our dynamic activity. Even the best knee support for running won't replace proper warm up, good technique and proper recovery after training. We should not become too dependent on good features of extra equipment. For example warm up with sleeves is extra efficient. But it doesn't mean that we can shorten it. Hamstrings should be properly stretched and mobility of hips increased. Only proper warm up and stretching can highly decrease chances of injury. Same goes to running technique. Running in shoes that are not compatible with our feet or different types of terrain can end up with dangerous knee or ankle injury. Let's not forget that proper recovery is also very important. Yes compression knee sleeve can help a lot with recovery and runner's knee brace will help us not to injure our knee further. But all this equipment can't be used in exchange for standard training procedures. Let's have a closer look on benefits that we can use for our advantage if we use proper knee sleeve or brace.

Best knee support for running - sleeves and braces in service of the runner

Let's list a 5 most common benefits that are available to us by using earlier mentioned equipment.
  • - First of all running often takes place in cold or unstable weather. Low temperature or cold winds can decrease joints and muscles effectiveness. If we wear knee sleeves in such weather then warmth of the body (in that place) will last longer. It means lesser chances for injury and better blood flow under sleeves.
  • - Second benefit is real protection when our training is pushed to higher level. If someone transitions from a distance of one mile to five miles then he may need more protection during process. Our body adapts quite fast to new distances. But sometimes this process is too fast for our joints and can end up injured. For someone who begins such transition it can be highly advised to use proper knee sleeve.
  • - Further injury protection is accomplished especially with use of knee support brace. And its beneficial not only in running but also in weight lifting or other sports that apply much pressure to knees. With knee support brace tandems and muscles are pressured at correct angle. This redirects forces affecting our knees and in effect lowers pain.
  • - Trauma reduction. In every high risk sports we can see someone using knee braces or sleeves. This is because knee sleeves and braces are good protection for joints even if trauma takes place.
  • - Using of such equipment allows faster recovery since it enhances blood flow in affected joints and muscles. With doctors help we can choice best protection in our situation.

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