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How to treat tennis elbow?

How to treat tennis elbow?Tennis elbow is painful injury. Even if we don't practice any sport on daily basis, we can suffer from it. It makes our life much less comfortable. Muscles in our forearm are used often in most basic activities during the day. So if our forearm is in pain, it can impact our ability to work properly. However, medicine comes to us with helpful solutions. Let's look on them together.

Tennis elbow symptoms

Obviously tennis elbow is connected with pain in forearm. Usually it never starts suddenly. This kind of injury starts when muscles and tendons are used repeatedly in the same way over longer period of time. At start pain can be light. But with coming weeks pain will grow, and in extreme cases can prevent person from normal sleep. Working long hours as a musician on instruments, as an information technology specialist in front of personal computer, or practicing sport that requires use of our forearms a lot will sooner or later give us first tennis elbow symptoms. It's important to be self-aware and observe signals that our body gives to us. If we do so, we can act according to rising problems and stop escalation of pain.

How to treat tennis elbow?

We should contact doctor if pain is stopping us from work or any day to day activities. If pain is much smaller, its just a signal from our body that we should never ignore. To treat tennis elbow we need approach the problem from many angles. First of all we should limit activity that increases our pain. For example if we work longer hours in front of personal computer keyboard then we should limit hours to minimum. Then we should think about limiting this activity to maybe two or max three days a week. Daily usage of same tandems and muscles for many hours does not allow them to regenerate. Muscles need at least 48 hours breaks to completely repair their micro damage. And please have in mind that some people will need even more time to do so. Pain should decrease. The same rules are true to any other prolonged activities or affected body parts. For example even runners should not always run is same shoes, on the same track, and same distance all the time. Their knee or feet soon will experience pain similar to tennis elbow injury.

Tennis elbow exercises - how we can strengthen our elbow?

Next step is to make our body stronger and train it to be able to withstand activity that we need to do on daily basis. The newest data suggests that treating tennis elbow syndrome (or any other similar muscle and tendons problems) will require strengthening also joints near it. In case of tennis elbow syndrome we need to strengthen our wrists and shoulders. Some data also indicates that if we experience pain in inner part of forearm we should especially strengthen its outer part. Strength training with weights or body weight will be essential. Of course, we should never only train those parts of the body, but rest of the body too. We just need extra focus on mentioned areas. To cope with pain some people use tennis elbow braces or tapes. It will help ease the pain but it will not solve root cause of it. Training is essential and if we don't know what to do we should strengthen our shoulders, wrists and forearms with help of professional trainer. Tennis elbow exercises under watchful eye of professional will bring much-needed results.

If we apply earlier mentioned advises, tennis elbow symptoms should not occur again. We can apply same advises to other parts of the body that are exposed to prolonged and repetitious activities.

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