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Orliman´s fixquick powered by BOA braces & supports

Orliman´s fixquick powered by BOA braces & supportsIt is highly plausible that you, the reader, have suffered at least once from something like tendonitis or muscle overload. It is not only extremely painful and challenging for the subsequent days. But it also affects our recovery process and it is very possible that it also stops us from training. That is why, Orliman´s Fixquick has you covered with their new straps powered by BOA.

Orliman´s Fixquick Powered by BOA

Tendonitis, also known as Tennis elbow, is the inflammatory response of our tendons when we put them through intense exercise. It might seem contradictory, but the first couple of days it is extremely important to avoid heat (such as hot baths or pads) and massages, as this will only increase the inflammatory response. It is important that if you are able to move the affected area without producing a painful filling, you should keep doing it as much as you can to prevent stiffness in the tendon. Doctors recommend the RICE therapy, which involves; Rest, ice, compress and elevate. Three of them are very easily achievable, however, compress can be a little bit more complicated.

It goes without saying that compressing is not a complicated thing to do. But being able to apply the optimum compression in a painless, comfortable way is a completely different story. We usually apply bandages on our damaged joints when suffering from tendonitis, but this bandages tend to wear out, loosen or simply become a nuisance because we have put too much pressure. Well this situation is now over, because thanks to Orliman´s Fixquick you don’t have to worry about the inconvenience anymore.

Fixquick are simple straps made with elastic, comfortable and breathable materials that come in different sizes for every joint in our body. The straps are equipped with a “lock” that allows you to apply the exact amount of pressure that you require without hurting or being uncomfortable. Fixquick offers you a solution that easily adapts to your needs without causing you any trouble at all.

Orliman´s Fixquick is you ally in your recovery process.

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