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Tennis elbow - symptoms and orthotic treatment

Tennis elbow - symptoms and orthotic treatmentSome studies show that even three percent of population between ages of thirty and fifty is affected by so called tennis elbow symptom. Even though its called tennis elbow injury it can affect any other sport enthusiasts (not just tennis) or group of professionals. How this problem starts and how we can protect our arms? There are ready solutions.

Sum of all actions

Tennis elbow injuries start with stress actions that are repetitive and end in inflammation of tendon and muscles in forearm area. For different people who do different actions this area will be in slightly different part of the forearm. For example someone who is often practicing tennis (backhand technique is often known as a cause) and repeats time and time again same movement, can be affected by this injury. Tendon and muscles receive shock from impact of ball and tennis rocket, and small tears in tissue appear in many areas of forearm. This will in effect result in inflammation, muscle trauma and pain.

Solutions and directions

How we can protect our forearm from those type of micro muscle injuries? Answer for that question should be accurate and effective. First of all we need to see our doctor. He will help us determine whenever its tennis elbow injury or pain is caused for something else. We should stop practicing any movement that gives us the same pain signal. If we won't stop, healing process can be much longer. And even end up as a lifetime problem. No one wants that. Our doctor will probably prescribe to us well-known anti-inflammatory medicament. Some of them are used in form of gel (applied on the injured area), some in form of pills. Then we will have to stop any activity of this muscle. That pause can take from one month to even three months or half year. Sometimes as a matter of protection from ever again repeating this injury, regular strength training is recommended. Muscles and tendons that are much stronger than stresses faced by them will not be injured easily in the future.

Tennis elbow support - protect your forearm

Beside those necessary means we can use tools engineered for our benefit. Maybe someday we have seen someone with tennis elbow strap and we have wondered if its an effective solution. And yes, it is. How tennis elbow strap or brace works? Our tandems are pressed by strap adjusted by us. This will cause pressure to muscles and cause them to share some impact force with brace. In effect force is redirected and less of it presses against injured tissue. Its very smart and effective way to help ourselves with our joint, tandem pains. We know that if pain is felt by body for long time it can grow to such measure that even smallest of touch will affect us. Its guarantied then that we will have to stop any activity and start prescribed treatment.

One of the greatest benefits of using tennis elbow brace or strap are their small sizes. They can be worn under most of our clothes. No one in our work have to know about our injury. Other nice thing is that we can really precisely determine which point we want to press on our forearm. This means that we are flexible in using this tool and if (hopefully not) we will have any other problems in other forearm we still can use same brace to help ourselves. Materials used with tennis elbow strap or tennis elbow brace are in some models keeping forearm and elbow area in warmth temperatures. Warmer tandems and muscles have fewer chances to be injured. Let's keep that in mind if we want to have pain free forearms.

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