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Cervicalgia ~ neck sprain & pain

Cervical trauma due to sudden hyperextension or hyperflexion movement,causing neck ligamentous injuries. Neck pain may radiate to the head or upper limbs.

Cervicalgia - Neck sprain and pain

The term cervicalgia indicates pain located in the cervical area of the spine. A significant percentage of the population report having suffered cervicalgia at some point in their life, presenting pain in the posterior and lateral areas. As it is a symptom, it can have different causes with varying degrees of severity. Posturalattitudes maintained over time, poor posture during rest, work and/or sports activities with overload, minor trauma, stress, worry, etc., can cause spasms due to muscle tension. While it is usually a mild disorder without severe consequences, in some cases, it can be associated with disc disorders (discopathy)or spinal disc herniation.


Generalised pain in the cervical area with stiffness in the neck muscles. The pain can radiate downwards, reaching the shoulders and between the shoulder blades,even the arm, and cause unilateral or bilateral headache. The musculature is tense and hard, and can result in postural problems, such as torticollis. Pain at the back of the cranium can be accompanied by weakness in the arms and hands.

Orthotic Treatment

Rehabilitation and chiropractic techniques applied by rehabilitation specialists or physiotherapists, accompanied by medication (analgesics and muscle relaxants), complement cervical support treatment, which produces heat and, at the same time, releases tension and enables varying degrees of  immobilisation. Soft polyurethane foam collars of different densities, height-adjustable rigid collars or two-piece plastezote-foam Philadelphia collars with occipital/mandibular supports provide a wide range of options depending on the severity of the cervicalgia, and are highly recommended for use on short trips or long journeys and during recovery periods of varying duration.

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