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How to fix rolled shoulders and bad posture?

How to fix rolled shoulders and bad posture?

Sitting in one position for an extended period of time or slouching over your phone throughout the day can negatively impact your upper back, lower back and shoulder blades, and may lead to bad posture and eventually rolled shoulders. If you’re experiencing this condition, continue reading to find out more about the treatment options.

What are rounded shoulders?

Rounded shoulders is a condition in which the shoulders and upper back are slumped forward, beyond the body’s midline, and can significantly worsen if not treated (Mark). This condition creates an imbalance of tension in muscles that pull the shoulder blades forwards and backwards - and in this case, the shoulder muscles are pulling your arms and upper back forward (Mark).

Rolled shoulders can be caused by a number of factors, including excessive use of smartphones, tablets and computers while being hunched over, sitting or carrying heavy loads for extended periods of time, as well as bending over frequently (Ways to fix rounded shoulders). If this condition is left untreated, the back, shoulder and chest muscles will stop functioning correctly, and getting the shoulders back in place will become more difficult. Eventually, the sufferer will begin to experience upper back pain caused by an increase in tension on the shoulder blades, more prominent bad posture and conditions such as arthritis, joint disease and conditions affecting the spine and disks (Ways to fix rounded shoulders).

Getting diagnosed with rounded shoulders

You have the option to either self-diagnose for rounded shoulders, or visit a chiropractor or physical therapist - however, the later is recommended, as a trained specialist can provide a more detailed analysis on your condition and recommend safe and effective treatment options. When self-diagnosing, consider doing a few simple tests, like knuckle positioning and earlobe positioning (Dangers of Rounded Shoulders).

When performing the knuckle positioning test, make sure to stand up straight in your normal position, and look at how your palms and knuckles are placed. If your palms are positioned towards your back and your knuckles towards the front of your body, then you may have rounded shoulders (Dangers of Rounded Shoulders). Another test you can do at home is the earlobe positioning test. Start by standing next to a mirror and check to see if your earlobe is aligned to the center of your shoulder, and if your shoulder is aligned to your hip bone. Earlobes protruding out in front of your body is a telltale sign of rounded shoulders (Dangers of Rounded Shoulders). If you decide to visit a specialist, they will most likely run similar tests, however, they’ll be able to provide an in-depth review of your condition and recommend treatment options that would help you regain good posture and keep your shoulder blades together.

How can you correct rounded shoulders?

Before researching methods on how to fix rounded shoulders and bad posture, it is recommended that you speak with a medical professional, as they will suggest the safest treatment options for your specific condition. Treatment options come in the form of stretches, exercises and posture correcting braces.

When it comes to stretches, one of the most effective ones is the wall stretch, which focuses on pressing the muscles of the lower back, upper back and neck against a wall, with the feet positioned away from it (Medical News Today). At the same time, you keep your arms pressed against the wall, while bending your elbow into a 90 degree angle. You should attempt to maintain this position for up to a minute. This stretch is ideal for the shoulder blades and the upper back - it focuses the shoulder blades together and promotes good posture, while activating muscles of the upper back (Medical News Today).

As for exercises, you may want to have a go at planks, pull-ups or seat rows (if you have access to the appropriate equipment). Before exercising, you should first consult with a physical therapist, as too much strain on your body may cause injury to the upper back or shoulder blades. A specialist will recommend the right exercises and frequency for your condition (Medical News Today).

How to fix rolled shoulders with a posture support?

By far the most effective and practical solution for treating rolled shoulders and bad posture is a posture corrector support. It not only helps to soothe back and neck pain, but forces the upper back and shoulder blades into the right anatomical position. Posture correctors can be used by both adults and children, and not only by people suffering from bad posture and rolled shoulders, but also by people who suffer from conditions such as lordosis and kyphosis.

Prior to purchasing a back brace, it is essential that you speak with your doctor or physiotherapist, as posture supports are certified medical equipment that may negatively impact your treatment process if poorly-chosen. Most of these products are made of breathable materials that properly position the spine, upper back and shoulder blades, and help to effectively fix rounded shoulders - all without causing any irritation or back pain. Some models even have the option to remove built up moisture from the skin. Unlike exercises and stretches, a posture corrector can be worn while you tend to everyday tasks and even during physical activities - allowing you to focus on what you enjoy doing, while your brace helps fix rounded shoulders and bad posture. For more information on posture brace and where to find reliable products, visit our store e-medicalbroker.

How to prevent bad posture and rounded shoulders?

Although stretching and exercise are effective ways to fix rounded shoulders and bad posture, not making a habit of doing so won’t bring about a desired effect. Just as you are training to get your upper back in the right position and fix rounded shoulders, your bad posture was also created as a result of training. Regular exercise, stretching and a reliable posture support are just what you need in order to fix rounded shoulders and back and shoulder problems.


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