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How to treat tennis elbow?
Tennis elbow is painful injury. Even if we don't practice any sport on daily basis, we can suffer from it. It makes our life much less comfortable. Muscles in our forearm are used often in most basic activities during the day. So if our forearm is in pain, it can impact our ability to work properly. However, medicine comes to us with helpful solutions. Let's look on them together.
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Acl reconstruction - is it complicated?
ACL ligament knee injury is serious and painful. Most people who have ever been injured in that way report that pain is unimaginable, and walking is impossible. How this dangerous injury occurs? What are acl tear symptoms and possible acl reconstruction methods? We will find answers for that questions in this article.
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Foot drop syndrome - causes and treatment.
Foot drop syndrome is a type of disability in which person cannot use correctly foot muscles. Foot of such person can't be lifted or lowered with full control in process. It makes normal walk impossible as foot will drop on the ground while making steps. It's not hard to imagine that person with this syndrome will often trip over even on flat terrain.
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