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In life every step counts.

In life every step counts.Foot drop is one of most disturbing injuries that someone can experience. Person that is not able to make comfortable steps will suffer in every day to day activity. There are many reasons behind this kind of injury. Physical damage, stroke, brain injury are most popular causes. When our walk is much harder than it should be we can apply help such as a  carbon fiber foot drop afo brace. Let's see how those smart inventions can help us in our day to day living.

AFO's carbon fiber drop foot brace - because every step counts

Ability to walk is often underrated. It is one of most essential skills in human life. Walking is not only helpful when we need to get to some place. Walking is also beneficial because of its positive impact on our health. Regular walks will improve how our brain and other organs work. Also, ability to walk can get us easily out of dangerous place. There are many more benefits of being able to walk normally. But how  carbon fiber foot drop afo brace will help us make safer and better steps? Let's understand more about injury and solutions. Drop foot stops us from making normal steps because during gate foot should be lifted. Paralyzed or physically damaged muscles can't lift the foot. With such loose foot its very probable that person will fall or trip over even the smallest of obstacles.

Similar situation occurs if ankle is damaged, or calf muscles are paralyzed. Then even trying to make a single step is almost impossible. There is simply not enough force accumulated in ankle to push foot off the ground. In result most of the force comes from hip or knee. This is devastating to our spine. Within months of walking without any kind of support for foot our spine will hurt us more and even can get injured. This is true for any leg injury, whenever its ankle, hip or knee. Some injured people after months report that their back hurt them more and more often. In case of injured ankle or calf muscles it is best to wear foot drop ankle orthosis splint . It will give a person a much-needed comfort and ease of pain. With it performing normal gait will be much easier.

 Active foot drop brace - take one step at a time

We should not forget about importance of materials that used in passive and active drop foot support. Most common used materials are drytex, leather, carbon,fiberglass and plastic. Leather is more preferable when injured foot (or leg) is not allowed to have contact with any artificial material. Plastic is more preferable for some patients with less disturbing injuries. Carbon braces have the best durability and energy storing properties. Some braces or splints allow wearing normal clothes or shoes on them. They are available in many forms shapes or types. Yet decision should stay in doctors hands because not properly worn braces and splints can additionally injure limbs

Thankfully there are even more advanced solutions for healing dysfunctional muscles. Foot drop afo's splint or carbon fiber foot drop brace can now be used in the same time with functional electrical stimulation devices. Muscles that are dysfunctional are stimulated with electrical signal which strengthens original nerve signal and muscle reaction. It means more force accumulated in muscle and in result more stable walk. There are tests on even more advanced products.
But buyer has to remember that such solutions can be up to ten times more expensive.

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