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Ankle Fracture

The ankle is a trochlear joint formed by the distal ends of the tibia, fibula and the body of talus, and basically performs two movements: plantar flexion and dorsiflexion of the foot, with any lateral displacement likely to cause a subluxation. Along with soft tissue injuries (sprains, etc.), various types of fracture and dislocation-fracture can occur in the ankle joint. Malleolar fractures are a clear sign of subluxation, and can be unimalleolar, bimalleolar or trimalleolar, the most common being fibula fractures. The higher the fracture, the more serious the tibiofibular ligament injury. These can occur as a result of abduction, adduction and external rotation movements with foot pronation and fractures caused by internal rotation with foot supination. These types of injury are, in most cases, a result of sporting or leisure activity accidents (slipping, tripping, etc.).


Ankle Fracture Symptoms

Pain and numbness in the ankle and calf with considerable limitation in ankle and foot mobility. Inability to put weight on the ankle, with the foot’s position and postural attitude deformed and irregular.


Ankle Fracture Treatment

Along with rehabilitation at the functional recovery stage, immediate immobilisation and realignment of the fracture sites require, in many cases, surgery, supplemented by the use of a Walker / Air Walker - Ankle Foot Orthosis / Walking Brace , with or without an air chamber, which enables adjustable compression to be applied to reduce loads. The flexion-extension control joint enables articular movement ranges to be adjusted, while the rockershaped sole simulates the ankle’s joint movement during support and lift-off phases. The mediolateral elements provide the required mediolateral stabilisation. This type of orthosis enables the patient to regain mobility earlier. Other models of bivalve orthoses (ankle braces), with or without air or gel chambers, can, due to their design, provide the fracture site with compression and stabilisation, enabling full loading and free mobility in the ankle joint’s flexion-extension, and are suitable for injury prevention and protection during sporting activities after complete recovery.

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