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Foot Fracture - Symptoms & Orthotic Treatment

Various types of fractures can occur in the foot, given its complex osteoarticular system and its high work rate. Some fractures are more common, such as metatarsal fractures, which can occur in the diaphysis or neck. Toe fractures are usually caused by crushing or direct blows, the first and fifth toes being most commonly affected, usually due to trauma. Subtalar dislocation is usually associated with fractures of the posterior process of the talus. Calcaneal(Heel) fractures can occur as a result of falls from a certain height, in which the calcaneus and the antero-external and postero-external subtalar joint absorb all of the energy, affecting, in some cases, the scaphoid and cuboid due to their articular interrelationship, which can be very complex.

Foot Fracture Symptoms

In toe fractures, inflammation and ecchymosis can occur and an interphalangeal sprain of the 5th toe can appear. Metatarsal fractures cause pain in the forefoot, with oedema and dorsal and plantar ecchymosis, and prevent the patient from walking. Calcaneus and subtalar joint fracture can produce severe pain in the heel, tarsal region and ankle, oedema and plantar ecchymosis. Intense pain on heel percussion and eversion-inversion movements. The tibia-tarsus joint retains movement, but it is limited by pain.

Foot Fracture Orthotic Treatment

Immediate immobilisation of the fractured segments and the application of compression systems to reduce oedema are the common denominator in the treatment of foot fracture. The use of unloading insoles in the rehabilitation phase for toe, metatarsal, midfoot and hindfoot fractures facilitate load distribution, promote bone healing and help align the fractured segments by absorbing impacts during loading. Walker and Air Walker boot - Walking braces, featuring joints with a system to control ankle flexion-extension and rocker-shaped soles that simulate the movement of the ankle in support, midfoot and lift-off phases enable functional treatment to be applied to all types of foot fracture and facilitate early mobility for the patient during the fracture healing period. Orthopedic supports such as ankle braces or similar are very useful as a means of protection and prevention in sporting and daily activities once rehabilitation and orthotic treatment has ended.

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